All Star Tailgator: the ultimate party trailer (TVs & toilet included)


To the untrained eye, the All Star Tailgator looks rather like a kebab van with a whacking great TV stuck in the back of it. In fact, that’s exactly what it is to the trained eye as well, only you might not want to leave it sitting outside a British football ground for too long.

This 6′ x 12′ trailer is touted as the ultimate mobile party machine and comes equipped with a DVD/CD player, a satellite receiver and recorder, BBQ grill, a fridge/freezer, a video gaming system, a two-burner stove , a cooker, a “Kegerator” and tap for your beer barrel, an ice chest, a 2800W generator, three TVs – including 60″ LCD – and even a port-a-potty which it sounds like you’re going to need after cramming yourself with all the booze and grilled meat products.

In fact, I’m just trying to work out what it doesn’t have, you know, aside any class. But then, who cares about that when you’ve basically got everything you could ever need attached to the back of your car?

Better still, its utterly hideous look can be customised with whatever art work you choose, although that’s not included in the piffling $19,995 price. But look, if you’re going to spend that kind of money, what’s another grand? If this trailer doesn’t help you make new friends, then nothing else will.

All Star Tailgating (via Bornrich)

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