Sony PlayStation official site suffers phishing hack attack


playstation-3-logo.jpgEven Sony isn’t safe from the dark side of the net after news trickles through that their PlayStation US website was hacked in part of a credit card phishing scam.

The malware hit the Sing Star Pop and God of War sections of the official site where it produced the results of a phony scan which warned users that a virus had been detected. Cue shock, horror, panic and the offer of this nice alert to sell you some nonsense solution while running away laughing with your credit card details in hand. Not the most sophisticated of schemes but then there are some very not sophisticated people out there.

Naturally, this is very humbling lesson for all involved, be they Sony or the people who bought into it, and a general message to the world that runs: nobody is safe, run for your lives and don’t be stupid.

(via the Inquirer)

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Daniel Sung
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