The Bomb Defuser – for defusing bombs (and camping)

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It may be a niche market but it seems there’s now a gadget out there for the amateur bomb disposal enthusiast. It’s called “The Bomb Defuser”.

Now for my money, if I buy something called “The Bomb Defuser”, I’d like it to do most of the work, you know, like defusing the bomb, but that’s not how “The Bomb Defuser” works. Instead, what they offer is basically a Leatherman-style pen-knife with all the instruments you could possibly need to make a really bad job of saving the world should you find a tactical nuclear device under your bed.

It’s top ten features include:

1. Wire Cutter (hopefully for cutting the right wire)
2. Pliers (for picking up and grabbing misc. stuff)
3. (3) Phillips and Flat Head Screwdrivers
4. Large Knife Blade (always handy)
5. Small Knife Blade w/can opener (for tuna)
6. Wire Stripper (of course)
7. A file and a saw (for filing and sawing)
8. Dimensions: 5 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ x 7/16″ folded up
9. Laser Engraved “Bomb Defuser” logo
10. Comes with a black canvas pouch with belt loop

Personally, I’d feel a lot more comfortable if it included:

11. Bomb blanket (for holding your limbs together after the blast)
12. A large “Stop – don’t be an idiot” sign
13. A trained bomb defusing expert

or failing that:

14. Mel Gibson as Sgt Riggs – cut whichever wire he doesn’t choose (Danny Glover optional).

Fortunately, the Bomb Defuser’s makers are rather tongue in cheek about the matter themselves and suggest using their tool for camping and fishing when not in imminent explosive danger. You can pick up your ego inflating device for $21.95.

Bomb Defuser

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