The Theremug or how to make a theremin from a tea cup


If people are turning the moon into a UFO, it seems to make sense to turn a cup of tea into a theremin. Trust me, there’s a certain logic in there somewhere. The difference is that, whereas only one person could make such a staggering astronomical blunder, everyone can have a crack at tuning their favourite brew into one of the finest musical instruments ever invented.

Theremug from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

The Theremug was created by Kyle McDonald who dunked the left and right ends of an audio lead from the sampler, on his computer, into a steaming hot cup of tea and essentially ran the current through the liquid. How the physics of the rest of it works is a mystery to me but it’s not going to stop me from trying it the next time my local vicar’s round.

Matrixsynth (via Hack a Day)

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Daniel Sung
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