You Tube Hits: The Trons – fully robotic band

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Genius. That’s the only word to describe this, pure genius. I’ve a feeling it was more of a feat of fun and engineering to make a robotic band than a statement about the corporate produced, faceless pop groups constantly churned out by the majors but it still makes a bloody good point.

There’s the silent and steady Swamp on drums; Fifi on keys showing that, like Def Lep’s Rick Allen, having just the one arm doesn’t mean you can’t rock; Wiggy’s the eye candy who’s only managed to master the one string of his lead guitar and the temperamental Ham takes the front whenever he’s out of rehab from WD40 abuse. Their influences include Yo la Tengo, The Velvet Underground and Ringer washing machines.

You can catch The Trons in Hamilton on 21st June as they take the stage at Flow. Not too sure if their personae will quite reach the back of the hall but they’re unlikely to get arsey if you want to start stage diving.

The Trons (via Wired)

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