WWDC 2008: Steve Jobs announces iPhone 2.0 software with full iWork reading support

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No new iPhones yet, however an update – iPhone 2.0 software – has been mentioned by Steve Jobs at WWDC, which will be released early July, for free.

It’ll also be available for the iPod Touch, for $9.95, and contains several functions including Contact Search, iWork support and new image capabilities. The iWork support means you can view iWork documents sent to you via email, plus Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents as well.

With images, you’ll now be able to save images sent to you via email to your photo library, plus do commands in bulk, such as deleting and moving images. Jobs also mentioned a scientific calculator, which is controlled by the iPhone’s accelerometer.

Some new languages have been added to the iPhone, with Japanese and Chinese supported, along with character recognition, when you draw on the screen.

(Image via Gizmodo’s live-blog)

Katherine Hannaford
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One thought on “WWDC 2008: Steve Jobs announces iPhone 2.0 software with full iWork reading support

  • Absolutely understates:
    this phone is a disappointment. I say this as an iphone 1.0 owner.

    * still no flash – its not happening w./ iphone 2.0 sdk people: it has to happen at a system internal level.
    * still a crappy camera (low mp / no flash)
    * rumor on video-conference never materialized
    * still no video recording
    * essentially unchanged batterly life (which is not great – good for 3g maybe, but not great overall)
    * f’d up plans from AT&T are back – where did the ‘apple simplicity’ promise go? what happened to the ‘streamlined experience’
    * and they’re requiring a NEW 2-year commitment to purchase one, even if you are a current iphone owner. No thanks.
    * and they dropped the price so now ever chav in the world can own one.

    Not happy. Expecting a ‘true 2.0’ in 2009. I honestly think this was a piecemeal offering from Jobs to hit sales targets. But I think in the back of his head, he’s had a good look at the telecom industry players and realized ‘a. they don’t know customer service, b. i can beat them at their own game, and, c. apple will be better for it’

    Expecting a revolutionary (rather than evolutionary) iphone 2.0 in 2009. 802.11n for near / wimax for far with inbuilt voip. Jobs basically gives AT&T et al. a big ‘f you’ I’ll be first in line to buy. But not this meager offering. Sticking with 1.0 – looking forward to software upgrade though.

    Additional pet peeve (to add to my rant): for the love of God, people in the media and the market, please understand: the ORIGINAL iPHONE WILL ALSO GET THE SOFTWARE THAT THE iPHONE 2.0 receives. I’ve heard more people talking about the 2.0 as offering a new software experience. This is just idiotic. It tells me that they don’t really know the product. They read a fact sheet and typed out their story.

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