Nintendo Wii Firmware update blocks Freeloader gaming


angry-mario.jpgNintendo fans are up in arms after downloading the new Wii Firmware update to discover it prevents some of their games from working.

The new 3.3 update, released last week, renders useless the Datel Freeloader, a £10 device which allows you to play games from any region on any Wii console.

Naturally, Nintendo and its publishers time their game releases in different regions at different prices according to their business strategy and you can understand why they would want to make sure they regain full control. However, this kind of move does not go down very well with customers who’ve already shelled out on a whole library of import games along with their Freeloader.

As yet there has been no comment from Nintendo to whether there will be any patch to their update but it’s something they should carefully consider. Nintendo’s incredibly loyal fan base has often pulled them through the dark times in the face of strong competition. It wouldn’t seem prudent to lose them now, or ever, without a very good reason.

(via Digital Spy)

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