Who's joining the digital movie rental scene today? Motorola and Paramount!

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motorola-movie-download-service-launched.jpgIf you have a Motorola telephone (commiserations, by the way) you’ll soon be able to watch a few crusty old Star Trek movies on it.

Excuse me while I go and change my trousers, I have just soiled myself with excitement.

Yes, while the world waits for Apple to pretend it’s invented 3G and video calling later today, Motorola has teamed up with Paramount to allow its users to stick movies on their handsets via their PC and a Motorola server. 40 films are up there right now, if you have the time, money and bandwidth to waste.

Cheap old films start at £5.99, with newer releases costing £9. Or, to put it mildly, way too much money to watch a low-grade encode on a wrong-ratio screen the size of a matchbox with mono sound. What on earth are they thinking?

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Gary Cutlack
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