Xbox 360 Pro with 60GB storage out in August – a rumour but a very good one


The much anticipated Xbox 360 Pro with 60GB of storage looks like it’ll be hitting the scene next month as Microsoft makes their E3 keynote announcements.

The rumour comes from Trusted Reviews, who, as their name suggests, has a reputation worth heeding, and states that the new consoles will be shipped in August to sit alongside the current 20GB standard versions without having to push customers up to the premium Xbox 360 Elite and its 120GB hard disk.

It’s possible that the standard Xbox 360 will itself see a 20GB boost and it would sit in line with Microsoft’s tactics to provide consumers with a cheaper alternative after price cuts over Easter proved so successful. The move comes in the face of considerable pressure, even from game developers, to improve memory space on the console.

It’s also expected that Microsoft will announce avatars for Xbox users, much like the Nintendo’s Miis, but improving the idea by adding a range of different clothing to dress your little buddies in.

Microsoft E3 runs 15th-17th July. Watch this space.

(via Electronista)

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