Sony announces free Napster and 7digital trials for new Walkman Wireless customers

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sony-walkman.jpgSony has announced that their new NWZ-A820 Series Walkman Wireless video MP3 players will now come with a free 14-day trial of “Napster to Go” after today striking a partnership with the UK branch of the music download service.

New customers can use up to three different PCs to drag ‘n drop as many tracks as they like onto their 16GB NWZ-A829s, 8GB NWZ-A828Ks and 4GB NWZ-A826Ks over the two week period, and they can even keep five songs DRM-free after the offer has expired and they’ve decided that they’d rather download their music illegally for free.

At the same time, Sony UK has managed to secure a slightly less interesting offer for five music videos from digital media delivery company 7digital who will be placing vouchers for free downloads in new NWZ-A826Ks and NWZ-A828Ks bought through Argos in the UK and Ireland, but I can imagine a few of those ending up in the bin along with the packaging.

The Sony Walkman Wireless range starts at £139 but why not take a closer look at one before you shell out.

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