Softbank announces price of iPhone 3G in Japan



Softbank, the mobile network which has won the iPhone 3G for Japan, has announced pricing for the device.

The handset itself will start at ¥23,040 (around £108) for the 8GB model, and ¥34,560 (£163) for the 16GB version, while monthly tariffs would start at ¥7,280 (£34), which is around 70% higher than the average price currently paid for mobile contracts.

The company expects the iPhone 3G to be scarce, with many people rushing to snap up the handset as soon as it comes out. Because Japan is just one of 22 countries getting the iPhone 3G on 11th July, stocks may initially be low, though no-one but Apple really knows how much stock will be available on day one.

Though a recent survey suggested 91% of Japanese consumers won’t buy the iPhone 3G, that still leaves a massive potential customer base.

(Via Reuters)

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