Rumour: touchscreen PSP 2.0 plans in the patent office


psp-touchscreen.jpg The patent office needs to start clearing out its staff because information has leaked through once more, this time suggesting that Sony has filed for a touchscreen PSP.

Nothing is official of course but the “digital tactile pixels” described with Sony Computer Entertainment’s ex-president Phil Harrison as the inventor and that rather narrows down what device it could be for.

The likelihood is that this equates to something comparable to the much enjoyed haptics which offer vibration feedback to let you know when you’ve hit the spot. The details of the files also suggest the pixels use in a phone, portable media player, e-mail device, web browser device and navigation system.

So, touchscreen PSP 2.0, they’re not saying it’s going to come with a phone as well? Nah. Are they?

(via Electric Pig)

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Daniel Sung
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