Pictures of the iPhone 2.0 – sorry, just an unofficial concept design


With Apple’s WWDC and, more to the point, the new iPhone grand unveiling just around the corner, Japanese designer Isamu Sanada has come up with his own take on what he’d like the iPhone 2.0 to look like.

Now, yes, I’ll hand it to the lad. It does look good, but is it really that different to the one we already have, apart from having sharp edges and being a little thinner? Maybe Isamu is a purist or maybe it’s just because they haven’t had the iPhone in Japan and any kind of pictures are going to give him goose-bumps?

I don’t mean to be too cruel because I do love concept designs and I praise every one of these people who put their heart and soul into wowing us with visions of the future. It’s just that this incarnation of the iPhone 2.0 looks more like a shiny vision of the past.

Apple Style (via Dvice)

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