Mask of Emotions – you'll never need to smile again

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mask-of-emotion.jpgThere’s something a bit wrong about the Mask of Emotions; something altogether unsavory and I keep rolling it around my mind like I’m drinking milk that I’m beginning to suspect is off.

This LED labour-saving emotions device is a project by one of the students from the Digital Media Design department at Korea’s Hongik University and aside the discomfort of wearing a silver goldfish bowl on your head, why would you want something to emote for you?

I don’t want to disrespect the work put into this. It’s really quite impressive and it looks good but a) I take it this is not for human use in the long term and b) aren’t robots more sophisticated than this already? So, um, what’s the application here? Tell me this isn’t the future of human social interactions?

You see, and despite my trepidation at what the Mask of Emotions is all about, I can’t help but like it. Watch the video, it’s got some sort of weird appeal and then I imagine having dinner with someone who’s wearing one and it completely freaks me out. I don’t know. You decide.

Mask of emotions
(via electro plankton)

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