Laptop/Desktop hybrid computer concept


“What the hell is that?” would undoubtedly be the first question when anyone laid eyes on your new laptop/desktop/ash tray/bottom probe device seen above.

It is in fact called the B-membrane and rather than the latter two options it’s Korean designer Won-Seok Lee’s vision for a hybrid computer that works just as well at home as on the move. Nice idea too.

Now you may have noticed a distinct lack of screen, which would seen fairly important in both a lap and desktop, but apparently there’s no need when that central, white chimney reveals itself to be a projector for you to fling your visuals onto whatever flat surface is available.


The only trouble is, what when there isn’t one; if you’re on the train or sitting in a park? And how about if you’d like whatever your looking at to remain private? It could be a little embarrassing if the whole commuting public can see your “special files”. I suppose the fun could be that you project your desktop onto unsuspecting or sleeping people and start photoshopping apparel onto them?


The only part of the B-membrane about which I have serious doubts is the keyboard. It looks fantastic and the way it’s invisible until you touch it is quite beautiful but I’m a little unsure about its semi-circular orientation. Minor gripe I know but it could be a bit of pain.

Aside that, so long as the projector is of good enough quality, then I’d say Won-Seok Lee is onto a winner. Oh, and I’m not sure how portable it is with that chimney. Not the easiest shape to fit into a laptop bag even if you do unscrew it.

Hmm, maybe not the best mutli-purpose design but a good looking desktop at the least.

(via Yanko Design)

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Daniel Sung
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  • It’s really not so different to those ‘ergonomic keyboards’ that you can currently buy yet nobody does.

    Based solely on first impressions, this would be received in much the same way.

    • I’d be inclined to agree as far as the keyboard goes but the projector is an interesting idea.

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