Eee PC 901 to bring price cuts to older Asus models

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asus-eee-pc-900.jpgIf you bought yourself an Eee PC 900 in the last two weeks, don’t say I didn’t warn you as news hits us today that prices are set to drop with the imminent arrival of the Eee PC 901.

Quite why Asus decided to release the two models within months of one another is a mystery, although come to think of it, it could be something to do with the herd of rival, high end versions on their way.

We’ve yet to hear how screwed you’re going to feel if you were one of the unfortunate few and you’re likely to find yourself caught between wanting to throttle people who buy the 900 for less and those with the extra cash to bag themselves the Atom-chip inspired 901 in a matter of days.

Perhaps a range of Eee PC 900 designed goodies will help soften the blow? No, well you could always try flying over to Taiwan, throwing your 900 through the window of the Asus building and flying home with enough time to pick up a 901 duty free. A bottle of whiskey would be nice thanks.

ASUS (via tech radar)

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