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We have rather an embarrassment of riches at the moment as far tech watches go. Yesterday it was a very cool glow-in-the-dark model and a stylish Metal Gear Solid 4 number but today’s Deus Ex Machine watch mobile is just plain specced up to the nines.

If I post each and every feature of this 1.3″ LCD touchscreen Chinese firecracker, then we’ll be here all day, so I’ll try to stick to the main points. Take a deep breath, here we go.

First the disappointment. It’s not 3G. I know, I know but it is tri-band with WAP support, so if you want data really badly, it is there. Otherwise, prepare to be happy. It plays MP3s, WMA, WAV and AMR. It supports MPEG4 and AVI as well as recording video in those formats at 128×104 resolution.


Naturally, there’s a stills camera too which captures up to 640×480 and holds a host of effects from night mode to rapid shooting and a series of colour filters.

It has all the features of a normal mobile including Bluetooth connectivity and headset, a USB port, microSD card memory – expandable up to 2GB – and you’ll be able to talk or play music for 150 minutes before the battery goes flat.


There’s a good chance that it weighs eight tonnes but if you want a techno watch, then look no further. Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t worked it out, Deus Ex Machine means “god on a machine”. One better than the Jesus Phone, I suppose.


Deus Ex Machine

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  • really nice watch . but Im wondering for the price , how much it cost ???
    could anybody told me from where I can buy it and its price ?????

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