Coffeetime (or teatime) – hot drinks made according to colour

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I’m a tea man but I don’t suppose the technology behind this concept coffee maker is much different. The point is that I’m beginning to feel anal having to describe to people in detail how I like my tea, only for them to bring back something that looks like it’s had a tea-bag waved somewhere near it and then put back in the box.

The idea behind this machine, the “Coffeetime” (or teatime), is that you press the button that matches the colour of liquid you’d like in your cup and presumably a sugar selector as well. It’s rather like paint swatches, only for coffee (or tea).

It’s got an interesting look to it as well; something like the cups with silly lids that everyone who drinks coffee and not tea walks around with while walking to work and pretending not to notice other people as they bump into them.

I’d have one myself but this model doesn’t appear to have my shade of strong with lots of milk and no sugar, in which case I’m going to take matters into my own hands. I’m going for a cup of tea (not coffee).

coffee time forum (via the design blog)

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