Asus "Bamboo" EcoBook laptop now just slightly laminated on the inside

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asus-u6-ecobook-bamboo.jpgRemember this thing? That was the mock-up. The dream. The reality, as ever, is much more disappointing than the original crazed fantasy. The final Asus U6 now just comes with a small strip of wood surrounding the keyboard and screen, no doubt to stop warping and to help it pass stringent modern fire regulations.

So it’s not really an “eco-friendly” laptop any more. It’s now just a regular notebook with a bit of wood stuck on the front of it. It’s more of a design statement than a planet-saving option.

The core of the laminated machine is pretty top-spec for a notebook and clearly not made out of wood – the T7700 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo will handle anything you can throw at it, although the off-message 1GB of RAM might mean you have to close a thing when you want to open another thing. Especially if you’ve got Vista hoovering up 90% of it before you even start.

(Via Gizmodo)

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