Amana Jot Dry Erase Fridge – scrawl on your kitchen units and wipe them clean

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amana-fridge.jpgThe Amana Jot Dry Erase fridge puts my old magnet covered efforts to shame. Useful if you want to leave notes for your fellow householders with such classics as “Your turn to clean the mould off the inside of this thing”, good for prettying up your home appliances with a little creative and interchangeable artwork but, perhaps best of all, as shown here, superb for punishing your children.

As far as the actual workings go, it’s 67″ high, 28″ wide, 31″ deep, it makes ice and it keeps things cold. Job done. It comes in at a reasonable $549 but it does make me wonder how many fridges you can do this with already that no-one’s really picked up on yet, or alternatively, how many white boards are good for chilling milk?

Amana Jot Dry Erase Fridge (via Electric Pig)

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  • Can’t you do this with pretty much any fridge? In any case I think the magnets have more charm to them…

    • Well, I did begin to wonder this myself, Chris. I can’t with mine as it has some sort of metallic front to it. It doesn’t make ice either, but I can imagine that there are quite a few fridges it would work with already. Be careful though in case you try it and yours isn’t. “Get some milk” could be a bit annoying if it were forever emblazened on your units. Not sure about the sell on factor either.

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