Six new iPhone 3G accessories from Griffin

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No new Apple handheld release would be complete with out a hoard of follow up accessories from Griffin and so, I bring you the latest wave of peripherals for the iPhone 3G.

There are four “different” iPhone protective cases with little to separate them aside an aesthetic twist and pound or two:

1.) Nu Form – As seen in the image above, it’s a two-piece polycarbonate case that slides together with the join just at the bottom of phone’s screen. It comes with EasyDock, which is basically a hole at the bottom so you can charge and synch your handset without removing it from the case. Nu-form also comes with the exciting luxury of a premium cleaning cloth. £18.99.

elan-form.jpg2.) Elan Form – If you’d rather vomit every time you go to make a call, then I’d opt for this mottled leather cover instead. It too comes with EasyDock and the much sought after premier cleaning cloth as well as boasting a static peel screen protector, presumably to wipe off the sick. £18.99.

iphone-wave.jpg3.) Wave – If you fancy turning your expensive new phone into a child’s toy, then you can always choose this rubbery looking cover. No EasyDock but apparently it still manages to offer full access to all controls and ports. Sorry, no cloth. £16.99.

streamline-iphone.jpg4.) Streamline – just like you’re supposed to be as you pant along the streets of a scummy borough wondering if a mugger is going to cut your arm off to steal your strapped down iPhone 3G and ruing the day you decided against an iPod Shuffle. £18.99

smart-talk.jpg5.) SmartTalk – adds a remote control and microphone to whatever ear phones you may be using. It’ll control your MP3 playback and work when you get calls too. £12.99

tune-buds.jpg6.) TuneBuds – er, earphones that’ll be a bit better than the Apple ones. £24.99

If you can stand the wait and don’t want to pay the postage from America, then all of this will be available from the Carphone Warehouse by 11th July.

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