Police officer investigating Pirate Bay was on Warner Bros. payroll

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pirate-bay.jpgGather round me hearties as I tell ye a tale of the thickening plot of the Pirate Bay court case in the far off land of Sweden. It seems the prime witness for the prosecution be tarnished. Gyaaaaargh! Tarnished, I tell ye!

It turns out that investigating police officer Jim Keyzer was in fact in the very employment of one the plaintiffs, Warner Bros., while still working for the coppers. He had left the force to work with the studio but rejoined the police before the investigation was complete and it all sounds rather fishy to an old sea dog like me and to the Pirate Bay who have been calling a scam ever since the charges were first brought.

Warner Bros. themselves was the first to release the information but me thinks this be an exercise in damage limitation before the news escaped like a school of sea bream from broken net.

Quite were the case will go from here, no man knows but I tells ye this. I sense a retrial in the offing and far more damage to the case than the prosecution are letting on.

If for some reason you don’t know about the Pirate Bay, it’s a BitTorrent site where you can get hold of all sorts of music, movies, games, software, doubloons, eight and just about anything you could ever want absolutely free. Gyaarrrgh!

Pirate Bay

(via ars technica)

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