VIDEO: My Video Life, by Gary Cutlack, aged 34

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Hello everyone. Don’t panic – this isn’t another battery review! Instead, this is my entry for the Shiny/Cisco My Video Life competition.

The idea is you make a video about what video means to you, whack it on YouTube, then someone gets the honour of being described as A WINNER. Imagine that. Imagine the feeling of being a winner! Here’s my attempt at winning. I doubt I will be feeling the feeling.

You should enter. Any video will do, even just one of you watching telly while eating sausages filmed on a mobile phone. If that’s what video really means to you, there’s no arguing with it. There’s £500 worth of stuff for the winner. And I’m probably not allowed to have any of the prizes, what with being a Shiny Media employee 🙁

I have sort of wasted everyone’s time in doing this, to be honest.

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Gary Cutlack
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