Up close with the Sony BRAVIA range: Part 5: Top of the range


In the last four parts of the series, we’ve looked at a variety of features found across the entire BRAVIA range of TVs.

There’s generally a BRAVIA TV to suit most price ranges, but for the ultimate viewing experience, going “top of the range” offers a plethora of cutting edge features designed to maximise the viewing experience.

Go Large

If you’ve a room that will do justice to it, a large TV will really show off full high definition content at its best.

Sony’s X3500 Series offers a 70, 52, 46, and 40 inch LCD screen sizes, and packs in a huge feature list.

Films look stunning on its display, thanks to 1080p resolution and 24p True Cinema mode.

Other content, particularly fast moving and panning shots and sports footage, looks smoother thanks to Motionflow +100Hz, while other advanced technologies boost the colour and picture definition.

Audio isn’t neglected either. Virtual surround sound technology simulates a 5.1 channel home cinema system from just the two in-built speakers.

BRAVIA for everyone

From entry-level HD ready portable TVs, up to top-of-the-range full HD TVs, the BRAVIA range offers feature-laden products to suit a wide range of budgets and viewing environments.

Andy Merrett
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