Half of Nokia phones to have GPS by 2012 at the latest

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nokia.jpgNokia has found quite an ingenious way to bring the price of handsets down by ensuring that half their mobiles are fitted with GPS chips between 2010 and 2012.

With more customers using satellite provided, location-based services, Nokia will be able to make up the money elsewhere in any geocentric information and abilities that they can supply.

“We are planning to ship 35 million GPS units this year,” said head of Nokia location-based activity Michael Halbherr. “You will see few ‘E’ or ‘N’ Series phones without GPS.”

The goal has been part of Nokia’s plan since last year and without a waver in this announcement, it looks clear that the Finnish company is still well on course.

Nokia sold 437 million phones last year, with 10% more expected this time around, and with satellite services set to become the norm, finally we could enter the era that application developers have been dreaming of where mobile handsets become true tools and sources of information to the user’s immediate environment.

(via Reuters)

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Daniel Sung
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