Old school arcade action for free on your phone from Sega and Greystripe

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sonic.jpgMobile advertising company Greystripe has signed a deal with Sega to offer downloads of three classic games to your mobile for nothing. Yes, for free.

Sonic Jump, Afterburner II and the legendary Golden Axe are the ad-funded adventures to master on the small screen. They’re available in the US right now but it’s a little unclear at the moment whether you can get them over here because rival mobile game provider Glu has a UK deal with Sega.

I’ve already tried to download Golden Axe from the Greystripe game site, Gamejump, with no success but it may just be that my phone isn’t good enough. Let me know if you have any luck with your handset and then tell me which mobile I have to buy to get it work.

The only headache then will be whether to chose Ax Battler the Barbarian, Gilius Thunderhead the Dwarf, or Tyris Flare the Amazon. I’m coming for you Death=Adder, I’m coming!

Greystripe: Gamejump (via pocket gamer)

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Daniel Sung
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