Two-screen, one stone Xentex laptop from the hardware Dark Ages for sale on eBay

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Any old fool can get with the tiny program and buy themselves a EEE PC that’ll sit on the head of a pin as well as your hot little thighs but why not be the real envy of your friends and buy this absolute monster of leg-crushing laptop?

This is 19.5″, dual-screen laptop prototype made by Xentex features two 13.5″ displays that rotate independently of one another so that the person opposite you can see what’s going on at the same time. What an incredibly useful gimmick. The only downside is that it weighs nearly one stone and has to be folded twice in order to be carried about.

It has an 850MHz Athalon CPU, 128MB RAM, more USB and Firewire ports than you could shake a number of sticks at and is that a 3.5″ floppy drive I can see there? I think it is. I’m sure we’ve got many an old cardboard box full of those we’re all just itching to use.

If you are serious about buying what is undoubtedly a unique bit of hardware – available at the current bid of $663 on eBay – then you should note that the vendor cannot actually get it beyond th BIOS at the moment but if you still have a copy of Windows on 3.5″, then you’re in luck.

Happy bidding, you absolute loon.

Xentex on eBay (via DVICE)

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