World of Warcraft Dark Portal laser-etched MacBook Pro

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I’m slightly speechless. Part of me doesn’t want to ridicule anyone for their pastimes, hobbies, fascinations but part of me wants to yell, “GEEK!”

I’ve never WoWed and for a very good reason – I know I’d love it. I’m a sucker for RPGs and MMORPGs, well just forget about it. You’d never see me again. Dust. I’d turn into some pallid crisp of a man, reduced to a pair of eyeballs and a mouse-clicking finger.

So, I really appreciate the effort gone into this WoW MacBook Pro Dark Portal etching but it might be time to start asking yourself a few questions if you feel you must own this laptop.

Credit to Austin Laser Art and Justin for putting it together. It’s an excellent piece of work but would the owner of this laptop and this life please be very, very careful.

My name is Daniel. I used to be an MMORPG addict. It’s been five years since I last played.

Austin Laser Art (via Wowinsider)

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