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The idea of this soothing, animated, bedside clock/speaker makes me purr. I’m purring.

I always had a dream of a room in my house where every inch of wall, floor and ceiling was a fish tank. I imagined sitting in blue-hued serenity as angel fish and mini-squid drift by with a blissed out smile on my face. I gave that one up somewhere between the Ferrari and owning Playboy Mansion but at least Private Ocean does give me a little taster of what I was after.

The touch sensitive display swims with 100 different types of fish that school together to tell you the time when so required. They’ll form to wish you a happy birthday or merry Christmas or whatever you programme them to do.

You can even get them to swim to your favourite tune if you plug your MP3 player into the device. I’d love to see them freak out to some Gabba but I’m sure that’s not the point. Sounds good, right? The problem is…

…it looks a bit rubbish. There’s little smooth about the graphics and it rather ruins the calming effect for me. I might forgive it but not for US$199.

Japan Trend Shop (via Dvice)

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