Peekaboo Pole Dancing concept game for the Wii: I’d like to see Reggie slide on that


peekaboo-wii-pole-dancing.jpgCurrently seeking a partner to help license their concept, Peekaboo Pole Dancing has sent out an email announcing their idea for a Wii game that’d have you ‘shake your booty’ and ‘spin your thing’.

Little else is said about the project, only that it’s a concept, and ‘A-list celebs’ like Carmen Electra, Kylie Minogue, the Spice Girls and Pussycat Dolls are already fans of the company, who currently sell portable dance poles.

Somehow I just don’t see this idea, ahem, sliding with Nintendo’s family-friendly image. Nor can I see customers being too keen on buying a dance pole peripheral and having to hide it when the parents visit for Sunday lunch.

Peekaboo Pole Dancing (for more Wii-related news, check out our Shiny blog WiiWii here)

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Katherine Hannaford
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