Nokia 5800 Tube to beat 3G iPhone launch date, in June?

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Yes, I know, this is the second Nokia Tube post we’ve done this week but for two very good reasons. Firstly, we just picked up a damn good theory and secondly, we all really want one.

For those less educated, the Tube has been billed by Nokia as an ‘iPhone killer’ and just like Kevin Keegan, they would “luv it” if they got one over on their new market rivals.

Nokia is famed for their summer releases, so with Apple rumoured to launch the much-awaited 3G iPhone in late June and with the iPhone’s birthday at the same time, what better time to guzump the hell out of the opposition than by release it a few days earlier, in June?

Now, that’s a good theory and I’m sure all you Nokiaphiles would love it if it were true but I know a bloke, who knows a bloke, who knows a bloke; now you don’t know this bloke, but I do and he does a lot of work with Nokia and he tells me that if the Tube was that near launch, he’d know about it but you never heard that from me. Or him. And you never read this either.

What d’you mean? What post?

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