Four HD channels will arrive in time for the 2012 Olympics, says airwave police Ofcom


five-uk-hd-terrestrial-trial.jpgThe slow, painful, expensive trek toward free-to-air HD TV channels took another tiny little baby step forward today, with wireless data chiefs Ofcom declaring that we’ll definitely have HD TV through our telly aerials by 2012.

Previously, Ofcom and the major broadcasters signed a “non-binding memorandum of understanding” stating that they were all well up for it in principle – now it’s 100% definitely happening. No more massively expensive Sky HD subscription required!

A total of four HD channels will be available by 2012, with three coming online in some TV areas in 2009 as the analogue switchoff starts freeing up bandwidth. One of the channels will be used by the BBC Trust, with the other three put up for auction. WInners will be expected to offer a “contribution to public service broadcasting and a contribution to the range and diversity of TV.”

(Via Reuters)

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