Dutch people with death-wishes now allowed to take Segways out on the roads

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Segway-now-legal-in-holland.jpgFor some odd reason, the Segway has always been banned in Holland. Isn’t it funny the sort of rubbish facts you pick up from the internet?

The Segway may even be banned in the UK – I’ve certainly never seen one tootling around the streets of South London. So it’s either banned, or too shameful for anyone to be seen using in public.

Anyway, this update is about the Dutch, who have lifted their ban on Segways which are now not against the law any more. They were originally axed due to safety reasons, but you’re now allowed to motor eccentrically along at 16mph on Dutch roads – and disabled users can do 4mph on the pavements.

Not that anybody actually will. Although after a nine-hour stint in a specialist Dutch cafe, perhaps it might seem like novel way to get back to the hotel.

(Via Wired)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • it isn’t banned in holland, i seen police officers using them in amsterdam airport

  • What’s the legal status of the Segway in France?

    Only I know they get 100Mbps internet out there, so if Segways are allowed I’m definitely emigrating.

  • this is so totally awsome. i want one just like the picture.
    i think i want to go live at holland
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crikey, really? That’s ludicrous. Clearly the government would rather have us paying vast petrol taxes than having fun on little electric wheely-pods and simultaneously saving the world. Madness.

  • yep, it’s banned on the road and banned on the pavement in the UK.. wise huh?

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