Supra intros LoRad power surge protector



A power surge protector is hardly the most exciting piece of kit you’ve ever seen on Tech Digest, but you’ll wish you had one if a mains spike destroys your flat panel TV and Sky HD box.

Supra intros their LoRad MD06-BS/SP (I don’t make these product codes up, you know), which is supposed to be unique in that the surge protection isn’t connected into the circuit until a surge occurs. This provides protection without introducing additional noise.

It’s a multi-level 3-way surge protector which also claims to improve the sound and picture quality of connected home cinema equipment by reducing mains and radiated interference.

The aluminium chassis unit offers six standard sockets, power and surge indicator LEDs, and is available for £129.99. Additional LoRad shielded mains cable can also be bought to complete the job.

Supra Cables

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