Asus and DisplayLink launch VW223B monitor – hook up six screens with one USB connection


asus_usb.jpgEver felt the need to hook up six monitors to one PC? Me neither, but if you’re a serious multi-tasker, you might be interested in the VW223B LCD monitor.

The work of Asus and DisplayLink (specifically, its DL-160 chip), the VW223B is compatible with Windows Vista Aero and enables up to six monitors to be daisy chained over one standard USB 2.0 cable. The monitor also offers widescreen resolution (1680×1050), quick response times for a smooth video display without image delay or ghosting and 32-bit true-colour graphics.

The Asus VW223B will be available ‘very soon’, but no pricing as yet.


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One thought on “Asus and DisplayLink launch VW223B monitor – hook up six screens with one USB connection

  • I still can’t determine whether or not the signal would be better than VGA, and have found little doumentation as to whether or not the picture quality would be close to a digital representation. If it is though, then this is of significant benefit to those cheaper notebooks that STILL ship with an analog port.

    Not least when upto this point, you usually only had one external output on your notebook to begin with.

    I for one would love to see something like the tiny XPS M1330 powering not 1, but 6 22″ externals aswell as the GPU/HDMI powered 24″ external for a colossal 8 screen monster that loomed over the notebook powering them all… if only so that I could geek out for just a little bit on how mind blowing it all was.

    Most people thought running dual screens was excessive before they actually tried it. Now a good third of the machines in the office I’m sitting in benefit the extra screen real estate which has proven to boost productivity.

    Multi-monitor setups are undoubtedly a great way to work, although it’s not so much Windows as ‘French Doors’ so any converts would be well advised to invest in a bigger desk.


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