One day, hopefully we can replace old Polaroids with this digital Polaroid photo frame

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Polaroid may’ve committed suicide just last week, but designer David Friedman over at Ironic Sans has drawn (ok, Adobe Illustrated) up a conceptual digital Polaroid idea, similar to a poxy digital photo frame but obviously with that now-retro appeal.

Photos can be loaded onto the Polaroid by the memory card slot at the bottom of the frame, and with the touch-screen, you can choose between several different modes. He’s even built in a stand at the back of the frame, allowing you to pin it to a noteboard like you would in ye olde days with the paper Polaroids.

Finally, you can write a title using a dry erase pen on the bottom white surface. Such a novel idea for preserving a format many are sad to see go.

Ironic Sans (via Core77)

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