MWC 2008: LG unveils GPS-enabled LG-KT610 Symbian mobile

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LgLogo.gifThe internet is due to collapse tomorrow under the weight of press releases being issued at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, so some companies are being smart and getting in early. Like LG, which has revealed a new GPS-enabled smartphone, the LG-KT610.

It’s a candybar handset running the Symbian operating system, with a flip-out QWERTY keyboard and HSDPA connectivity. Sounds like a high-end business phone to me, although the GPS could endear it to early adopters who don’t want a Nokia handset too.

Interestingly, LG has a foot in the Windows Mobile camp too, when it comes to smartphone operating systems. Sensible bet-hedging? We’ll see what other new phones Symbian and Microsoft have up their sleeves this week. Also, we’ll be seeking out a photo of the LG-KT610 too, tomorrow.

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Stuart Dredge
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