Top 20 list of young internet millionaires dubious, yet still tempting


Hey gals! And potentially boys! Fancy snagging yourself an internet-famous millionaire? We’re not just talking crusty has-beens like Al Gore either, we’re talking hot, sweet, under-30 year olds who still have their own teeth.

Although Jake Nickell from Threadless is on the list, so I may have to retract that last claim, he’s surely been wearing falsies for years now due to their incredibly slow international postage and lots of angry customers.

Ryan Block, Editor of Engadget (#11 on the list) however has claimed shenanigans on the millionaire list, due to his site’s entire annual turnover being attributed to him alone. I’m sure however, the young men featured in the top ten are each worth at least a mill each, so better venture into your local drug-dealer hang-out and request some powerful seduction tablets.

Obviously I’m joking. They’re all mine, hands off.

(via Ryan Block)

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