GreenEyes Eye Catcher promises proper eye contact when webcamming

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eyecatcher.jpgFed up with looking shifty while videochatting using a webcam? Yes, I’m looking at you Leslie Grantham. Although it appears you’re looking at something els… Oh.

No, even if you’re not broadcasting your Filthy Dressing Room Antics, using a webcam can be less than ideal, since you’re looking at your monitor, not directly into the webcam. However, a new device called Eye Catcher claims it can solve that problem. How? It’s a screen with a built-in webcam that ensures you’re looking straight into the lens at all times.

Ideal for businesspeople who think if they can stare deep into one another’s eyes, they definitely won’t be ripped off. The fancy name for it is ‘eye-to-eye tele-presence’, apparently. It’s being sold by a firm called GreenEyes for €5,000 per unit (about £3,760). GreenEyes says Unilever has already bought 50 for its staff, so it could catch on.

Eye Catcher website

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