ABS Icon Wrist Watch – inspired by 8-bit gaming


If you love your retro games, why not show it? And you can with the ABS Icon Wrist Watch.

It’s a blocky wristwatch inspired by the blocky pixels of the 8-bit gaming world. Think of it as the watch Mario might wear. The only downside is the features – just time-telling here, although that minimalist look should certainly catch the eye.

Available from Korean retailer Funshop, you can pick up one for the equivalent of £42.

Funshop (via Retro To Go)

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Dave Walker
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One thought on “ABS Icon Wrist Watch – inspired by 8-bit gaming

  • man I always thought this watch was just a photo shopped illusion, little did i know it was real! great post btw,
    retro watches for the win for sure!

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