Traps E400 – the drum kit goes silent

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I thought we’d seen the back of electronic drum kits with the demise of Spandau Ballet and their ilk in the 1980s. But they’re back – and this time they’re actually like real drums.

Well, the Traps E400 kit is anyway. Designed by drummers rather than technicians, the E400 kit includes two cymbals, a hi-hat, three toms, a snare drum, bass drum and the stool, all offering the look and feel of a real set of drums, but without the bulk and with one very notable addition – you can plug in a pair of headphones for some silent drumming practice. Which is good for everyone, especially your long-suffering neighbours.

You can pick up the Trap E400 for £450.

Trap drums (via Electric Roulette)

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