Tick Tock Timebomb Clock box – blow yourself out of bed in a morning


Here’s a challenge for you – stick a couple of stamps on the Tick Tock Timebomb Clock box, post it, then see if you can talk your way out of Christmas in prison.

You might have trouble, because this timepiece is incredibly bomb-like in looks, with a ticking sound that should only add to the panic. But it is just a clock and right now, just a prototype, courtesy of Mark A. Regelman II.

Before it hits the market, I’d like to see some kind of explosion added if you oversleep – and possibly some wire-cutting to kill the alarm, similar to the previously-featured Danger Bomb Clock. If either is added, Mr Regelman is onto a winner.

Mark A. Regelman II http://www.reigelman.com/ (via Technabob)

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Dave Walker
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