The KLIPSCH iGroove SXT – an iPod dock with top-quality sounds for a change


klipsch-igroove-sxt.jpgOK, it’s time to report on something I’m totally out of my depth on. Sound quality. I can just about tell the difference between stereo and mono if I pay attention and put my ears between the speakers, so can’t really say if “exclusive horn-loaded tweeter technology” is a good thing to have or not.

The iGroove also has “a true two-way, stereo sound system that employs dual long-throw 6.4cm/2.5in woofers in a ported enclosure” which, again, might be market-leading or the sort of thing every £8.99 Chinese knock-off has.

But if KLIPSCH is boasting about that lot in the press release, it presumably is on the market-leading, audiophile side of the market. Its iGroove SXT charges an iPod with its multi-pronged connector, takes any generation of Pod with ease, plus there’s an auxiliary-in round the back for plugging in Shuffles and any non-Apple MP3 players you might have knocking about – and an s-video out for watching videos on your TV.

It has an SRP of £99.99, but BARGAIN MAD Amazon is knocking them out for £89.99 to put a further nail in the coffin of the high street retailers this Christmas.

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