Pac-Man Christmas tree and Pokemon decorations



Forget those upside-down Christmas trees that seem to be all the rage this year. They’re rubbish. What you want is a giant Pac-Man tree, covered in LEDs to provide an animated version of the classic arcade game.

Okay, so you might struggle to fit it in your living room, and the citizens of Madrid might object to you nicking the highlight of their public festivities. But still, cool eh? And what better to hang on it than some light-up Pokemon Chrimbo decorations? These ones are being sold in Japan, but they’ll surely come to your local branch of Wilkinson’s soon. Possibly.

(via Geekologie and OhGizmo!)

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Stuart Dredge
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  • I see that they got pokemon decorations.. Do they happen to have charizard?

    I know this is an old post but I’ve been scouring through the whole net trying to find a charizard decoration for my pokemon obsessed son!

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