Le Web 3 Live. The funniest thing I've heard at Le Web 3 so far…

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pigeon-street.jpgPigeons are faster than ADSL. And so are snails.

Yes, it’s true, Yossi Vardi, easily the funniest and most engaging speaker of the conference “did a test” and compared the transfer speeds of carrier pigeons carrying a memory card from one town in Israel to another (aka Wi-Fly) and a standard ADSL connection transferring the data from computer to computer, and the Pigeon travelled the distance faster. At least, that’s what he said and I believe everything he says.

And a snail strapped to a cart made of DVDs could drag the data across the room faster. I have no idea what’s true and what isn’t in the world any more, but all I know is Yossi Vardi is my new hero and I love him simply for showing me stupid videos of pigeons and snails. And all the people who blah blah blahed and over-ran and obliged him to skip most of his presentation are now my mortal enemies.

[edit: god bless the internet – someone has uploaded Yossi’s talk to YouTube. video after the jump]

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