Tesco claims two million mobile phones to be left on scrapheap after Christmas – and offers recycling service

Mobile phones

With new ‘must have’ phones appearing almost weekly, it’s no surprise that the number of phones being scrapped is on the rise – two million this Christmas alone, according to new figures from Tesco Mobile.

Data from the Tesco Mobile survey found that almost 11 million people expect to get a new mobile phone over Christmas and that 20% of Brits just throw away old mobile handsets, even if they still work. Apparently, that’s because we don’t know how to recycle. Conveniently, Tesco has recently launched an online mobile recycling service, with recycling rewards of up to £70 of Tesco Mobile airtime or Tesco gift vouchers. Plus, users can get 300 Green Clubcard Points, or donate £3 to the British Red Cross.

Details of how to recycle and what you can get for your phone are available at the website.

Tesco Mobile Phone Recycle

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