Onkyo launches LS-V501 one-box home cinema system

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It’s about time I upgraded my home cinema system. The Betamax player is beginning to show its age, and as for the black-and-white telly… Anyway, one solution is Onkyo’s new LS-V501, a one-box 2.1-channel DVD receiver/speaker system.

It bafflingly won’t play Betamax tapes, but there’s plenty of other features as consolation. The integrated DVD player handles DVDs, CDs, SACD and DVD-Audio albums, as well as CDs full of WMA, JPG and DivX files. It also boasts an HDMI output and HDMI pass-through input, a 192kHz/24-bit audio DAC, and video upscaling to 720p/1080i.

Oh, and it’s black. Expect to pay £400 for the base unit, or £600 if you want the 2.1 speaker system. Two optional iPod docks are also available, with the basic model costing £40, and one with a dedicated remote control costing £60.

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