Miomi, the online timeline where you can store memories, and view the world's events


miomi-logo.jpgIf Microsoft endorses a company, claiming it’s one of the five UK tech start-ups to keep an eye on in 2008, then we’re going to sit up and listen obviously. Miomi is the lucky company to receive the thumbs-up from Bill Gates and co., and launched this week to critical applause.

It enables you to view and share content on the net about the world’s memories – past events, significant happenings, even personal details. It’s basically one massive timeline, storing all forms of data, and anyone can update it, adding their own content like photos, videos, and audio.

Whilst it won’t render Flickr and YouTube useless, it’s a handy way to see your whole life stretching out in front of your eyes, and learn more about the world we live in. World information is imported from Wikipedia and Encarta, and with the community based around the site, you can discover who was in the same place as you at a momentous occasion, or even who was at The Beatles’ last ever concert. It’s free, and they’d love to hear your memories – now.


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Katherine Hannaford
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