Bright Blind is a fake window for basement-dwellers



Basement flats suck. They’re dark, dank, and you’re never more than 13 centimetres away from a rat. A couple of years living one, and you turn into a squinty nocturnal freak with Gollum-size eyes and ghostly white skin. So I’ve heard, anyway. But help is at hand.

Bright Blind is the work of Japanese design collective Studio Mongoose, and is a fake window blind that’s backlit by electroluminescent sheets to give the appearance of a real window, complete with a plastic twirly bit to make it brighter (i.e. like opening the slats of a real blind to let more light in).

The bad news: it’s just a concept product for the moment, but there’ll surely be enough demand for it to make it commercially worthwhile. Perhaps they could combine it with those special sunlamps that fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder…

Bright Blind website (via Technabob)

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