Booksnap – turn your favourite novel into an e-book


I’m not entirely sold on the concept of the e-book as yet, but even if I was, I would struggle to justify paying the hefty price tag that the Booksnap commands.

It’s the literary equivalent of the CD ripper, automating the process of converting pages in your favourite book to a digital-friendly format. Place your book in the v-shaped holder and the bult-in digital cameras will replicate it before software cleans it up and converts to PDF.

Could you be bothered? If so, you can bag one for $1595 (around £800).

Booksnap (via Red Ferret Journal)

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One thought on “Booksnap – turn your favourite novel into an e-book

  • I would say this is a great invention, every library should have one, every house hold should have one (when the price goes down) I will buy one as soon as my wallet can afford it.

    For the better of man kind….
    and what happend to zinio? imagine every book in zinio instead of pdf, that would make borring books more interactive and fun to read!!!!

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